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Disney Review: Remy on the Disney Dream

The Disney Cruise Line, launched in 1998, has long had top quality dining opportunities on the ships in its small fleet.   The DCL's newest ship, the Disney Dream, launched in January 2011, raises the bar for the cruise industry with its latest offering, the exclusive adults-only dining experience, Remy.

As with any cruise ship, everywhere you turn there are opportunities to eat.    Disney Cruise Line has the unique rotational dining system.   There are three dining establishments that guests rotate through during the coarse of their cruise.   On the Disney Dream those restaurants are Royal Palace, Enchanted Garden and, the only named holdover from their previous ships, Animator's Palate.   All provide distinctive atmospheres and experiences.   There is also the buffet restaurant Cabanas and quick service food provided at Flo's V 8 which serves everything from burgers and pizza to salads and self-serve ice cream.

For an additional fee, the Disney Cruise Line has adults-only restaurants which must be booked in advance.   Each restaurant has a dress code which requires jackets for the men and dresses or pantsuits for the women. On all three ships there is Palo, which features northern Italian cuisine.   Palo charges an additional $20 per person, plus there are fees for any alcoholic beverages you may choose to have with your brunch or dinner.    New to the Disney Dream, is the experience that is dinner at Remy.

The charge to dine at Remy is an industry-high $75 per person.  For your $75 you choose either the tasting menu or select courses from an a la carte menu.   You must pay for any wine you choose to have with your meal  In addition to that, Remy offers two chef's tasting menus with wine pairings for an additional $99 per person.    While that may seem expensive, bear in mind, that a similar meal with wine pairings on "land" could easily cost upwards of $500 per person.    The Thespian and her husband chose to have the chef's tasting menus with wine pairings.  It was a 3-hour meal of magical memories that was well worth the additional expense.

Remy and Palo can be booked in advance of your cruise.   Disney Cruise Line gives priority booking to members of their Castaway Club for repeat cruisers.   We were unable to book Remy prior to our sailing date.  On embarkation day, The Thespian's husband enquired at Remy whether we could be placed on a waiting list.   To our joy we were told that we could book a table for any night of our 4-day cruise.    We chose to end our cruise with an incredible dining experience.

Your evening at Remy begins with an invitation delivered to your stateroom.   You are invited to meet the sommelier to discuss his recommendations for wine pairings.  The Thespian's husband accepted the invitation.

Remy is located on Deck 12 Aft.  It shares the space with Palo and the Meridian bar.    It feels miles away from the hubbub of the rest of the ship.  We enjoyed watching the sunset while sipping the signature cocktail, Champagne "Colette."
As noted in the photos above, the decor of Remy is both elegant and intimate.   The room in which our table was located had 4 or 5 tables, most of which were used for couples.   One of our fellow diners that evening dined solo.   The fine china includes a whimsical nod to the Disney character whose name the restaurant bears.
After perusing the leather embossed menus, The Thespian and her husband  each chose one of the two chef's tasting menus.   Remy has two executive chefs.  One is French and the other comes from Walt Disney World's famed Victoria and Albert's at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa.

Before the courses commenced we were served an Amuse Bouche, a small morsel of fried tomato delight.   Then we each received Olive Tapenade served with Olive Ice Cream

Monsieur Wilshere, Madame Wilshere 
Remy proudly presents your Dining Experience
On the 2nd Day of March 2011

To make it easier to follow, The Thespian presents each menu in its entirety.

The Thespian's menu was the Gout.
Smoked Bison with Fennel Salad and Blood Oranges
Chateauneuf-du-Pape Mont Redon '08

Lobster with Vanilla, Bisque and Lobster Roe Cream
Michel Redde Sancerre '08

Wild Lope du Mer with Cannellini Bean Sauce, Artichokes and Jamon Iberico
Marc Kreydenweiss Kritt Gewurztraminer Les Charmes '07
Australian Wagyu with Garlic Potato Puree and Petits Carrots
Chateau Gloria '03

The Thespian's Husband chose Saveur
His dining experience was very deconstructed

Langoustine Royale
Royal Norway Lobster with Caesar Sauce
Tattinger Prestige Cuvee Rose NV

Declinaison Tomate
Variations of Tomato: Tart, Iced, Parmesan Espuma and Tomato
Domaine Laroche Chablis Vaillons '07

Turbot Cotier
Coastal Turbot with Vin Jaune and Gnocchi
Domaine Louis Latour Puligny Montrachet '08

Young Pigeon Pie with Foie Gras, Spinach and Tomato
Chateau Batailley '06

Following our meat courses we were offered selections from the cheese cart

Plateau de Fromages
Diners can select as few or as many samples of the great variety of cheeses and their accoutrements

This was followed by the dessert courses

For the The Thespian

Vanilla Poached Pear
Chateau Suduiraut '07

For The Thespian's Husband

Chocolat Croustillant
Chateau Doisy Vedrines '06

This was followed by Mignardises
A delicious confection of sweets
The lollipops were especially delicious

And, of course

The attentive wait staff was impeccable.  The meal, the experience of the entire cruise.   Upon our return to our cabin we were greeted with a note from Remy, and the following scene.

Dear Guest,
A memory is a way of holding on to something we love, like great food.
It is our hope that we were able to create many new memories this evening,
to last you for many years to come.  Please enjoy these handmade chocolate
truffles from Remy.


Your Remy Team

Remy is truly a magical experience.  Do not be put off by the additional expense, it is well worth it.

For information on Remy and the Disney Cruise Line, please visit


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