Monday, September 6, 2010

All that rambling and I never said why "The Accidental Thespian"

During the last century, my husband took a telemarketing call from a young man selling subscriptions to The Studio Theatre in DC.  The young man said "I hear you are a thespian."  My husband replied,"you probably want my wife.   She loves theater, but I'm pretty sure she's straight."
When the poor guy called back I felt obligated to take a subscription.   I remained a faithful subscriber to Studio for about five years, until the Whole Foods Market was built on the only parking lot in the area.   When you live in the outer suburbs of DC either having guaranteed parking (Kennedy Center, Arena Stage) or making the time to travel by Metro is absolutely essential.    Studio requires taking a bus up 14th street or walking over from a couple of metro stations neither of which I was willing to do for the return trip at night.  
So, that's why I'm a thespian.   And proud of it.

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